The “cute” kindergarten watch Pam Tim approved by my son !!

My son and his kindergarten watch

My son and his kindergarten watch

I recently bought an educational box set which contained 1 hands watch, 1 pictograms watch, 1 educative booklet, and 1 card game.  Wow!  What a set!!!  When I showed it to my children my teenage daughter said “that’s cool!”  My 6 year old son said “yay…that’s mine!”  And so began our close examination of this interesting watch.

The kindergarten watch is truly unique! My son decided he wanted to wear the watch that very moment. It was so funny seeing him constantly look at his watch to see what image was displayed.  With each new image, he would tell me what he is supposed to be doing…it was hilarious!  I never thought my child would tell me “mom, I need to take a bath now”.  Wow…I was shocked!  Later that night, he also told me “mom, I need to go to bed”.  Are you serious?!  This is the child who would fight to stay awake and he’s telling me it’s time for bed.  I couldn’t believe it!  That night I found myself giggling as I thought about him and the pictogram watch.  Even now, I have a silly smile on my face!!!  Thank you Pam Tim!!!

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