For Christmas, Pam Tim is looking for influential bloggers

November 29, 2013 on PRWeb
For Christmas, Pam Tim is looking for influential bloggers to offer them test samples of its kindergarten watch boxset for children.  

After becoming one of the major actors of the preschool watch market in Europe, the Winjah Group – French watchmaker– specialized in the world of kindergarten watches, is pleased to announce its arrival into the North American market. 

Kindergarten wristwatch lightKindergarten Horology, Paris – France
Winjah Horology, independent French watchmaker, has been commercializing its own wristwatch concept for kindergartners into the European market starting from the year 2000. Furthermore, natural progression is to extend Winjah Horology’s influence in the area of Americas.

According to its strategy, Winjah decided to identify the more active and influent bloggers on the North American Web and choose the most motivated between them to offer free test samples of its kindergarten watch boxset.

Very soon after the publication of this blog article, Winjah Horology will select the more complete or detailed articles and will reward its authors the sponsoring of their blogs with free samples for free giveaway actions.


coffret-montre-pedagogique« Recently, we have noticed that we receive more and more demands coming from American parent bloggers » stated Bruno Y. Graff, co-founder and International Operations Manager of Winjah Horology.

“Winjah Horology is very excited and impatient to become part of the American market, and we are very encouraged by the welcome and interest we have received from these first American websites and blogs”.


According to professors of chronobiology from French universities, the kindergarten watch Pam Tim is the ideal watch to prepare kindergartners for reading the time.

PamTim screenIts screen represents several pictograms that change depending on the time of day, where each pictogram is easily recognizable by children and corresponds the activity that the child should be doing at that time. In a Paris exhibition in the year 2000, the Pam Tim watch won the Gold medal in the Lepin contest.
This watch, fruit of a strong collaboration between paediatricians and academics, is immediately accepted and understood by children.
Now, Winjah Horology greatly wishes to receive demands coming from authors of North American parental blogs interested to test the kindergarten watch Pam Tim.

Winjah Corp LtdFor applications or additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact:
Yohann J. Graff
Co-founder and Director of Public Relations
Winjah Corp Ltd
+33 69 95 797 95

About Winjah Horology
Mum and kid
Winjah is involved in various academic projects throughout France, with the kindergarten watch Pam Tim. It is a really important innovation in the world of childhood learning.
This watch concept allows an intuitive understanding of the notion of time as well as the main activities of the day for kindergartners.
It is an additional educational tool for children between 3 to 5 years old.

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