First Kindergarten Watch, With Pam Tim

May 31, 2012 on MARKET WIRED

PamTim screen

Now Open to Investment, the Pam Tim Pictogram Watch Enables Children as Young as Three Years Old to Grasp the Concept of Time

PARIS–(Marketwire – May 31, 2012) – Pam Tim, creator of the first pictogram watch, has just launched their new timepiece in the United States.
Dedicated to innovative solutions, the Pam Tim watch uses pictograms enabling children as young as three to understand the concept of time and navigate throughout their day. Open to investment, Pam Tim holds a profile on the Ulule website where individuals can support Pam Tim in exchange for related gifts, watches or brand licenses.

The acquisition of temporal marks for the kindergarten child

The acquisition of temporal marks for the kindergarten child

Pam Tim pictograms match the moments of a child’s life, thanks to images representing mealtimes, tooth brushing, bath, bedtime, and school. A pie-shaped hourglass defines the length of each activity, teaching children to pace themselves accordingly. And results have been impressive — children empowered with Pam Tim timepieces understand the concept of time and move more smoothly from one activity to the next.

The pictogram watches have already received international acclaim winning a medal of honor from the Children’s Universe show as well as a gold medal at the Lepine of the Foire de Paris. Media Lab, of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is also considering integrating the watch into advanced e-learning projects.

Now, Pam Tim is calling out to individual investors interested in being part of the Pam Tim venture.

‘We are excited to bring our watches to the Unites States,’ begins Bruno Graff, Founder and Creator of Pam Tim. ‘We have seen our timepieces help children understand the concept of time and this understanding helps children transition from one activity to the next. Opening our venture up to crowd-funding is an exciting initiative. We appreciate those who have chosen to invest and look forward to receiving additional funding.’

Pam Tim watches are currently available online at
The Pam Tim Facebook page also offers up to date information at

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